Verde Canyon Railroad

November 2, 2014

The word Verde is Spanish for green. While this part of Arizona is mostly a desert, the Verde River provides enough moisture for an abundance of vegetation. The canyon provides shelter from extreme temperatures. Hence, the names, Verde Canyon and Verde River.

The Verde Canyon Railroad was originally created to support the copper mines in Jerome, Arizona. Now the section of the railroad between Clarksdale and Perkinsville is an excursion rail service.

The train travelled at 10 miles an hour giving us ample time to admire and photograph the scenery. It is said that there is a year-around family of bald eagles in the canyon near the railway. I did not see them. However, there was enough outstanding scenery to keep me happy.

The Trip Up the Canyon

Verde Canyon The long train included open air cars for viewing and photography.
Verde Canyon The Verde River was quite far below the train here. The leaves on the trees were beginning to show their fall colors.
Verde Canyon The Verde River again
Verde Canyon Bill rode facing backward. The view was just as good.

The Turn Around

They detached the engine from one end of the train and moved it to the other end. We then went back down the canyon.

Verde Canyon Bill used his cell phone to take this picture of me waiting for a good shot of the engine moving to the other end of the train.
Verde Canyon The train engine shortly before it attached to the train.

The Trip Back Down the Canyon

Verde Canyon Trees in Fall color
Verde Canyon
Verde Canyon