Views from the Crystal Serenity

The Pacific Segments of the Cruise

cruise Brown Booby
I was fascinated by the behavior of some seabirds that followed our ship. They would repeatedly fly the length of the ship, stern to bow, looking for fish. Should they see a promising fish, they would dive for it. So I went to the ship’s bow on the promenade deck, one of the lower decks, and took many photographs of these birds. Most of the photographs were really awful; a few were marginally ok.

Two different sunrises

cruise A waiter took this picture of me with my ipad. Bill was asleep.
cruise Another sunrise, the following day

Moonrise - January 14

cruise The sea was calm; the air was very clear; the sun was setting; and the moon was rising. So I took some pictures of the moon.
cruise To be technical, this is a waxing gibbous moon. That is, a moon that is soon to be full.
cruise The port of Los Angeles on the last day
ORD One last image - the terminal at OHare airport, as seen from the airplane window