Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

We thought that an excursion called “The Taste of Mexico” would be a tame trip where an air conditioned van would transport us from one food venue to another. Instead, this excursion was a physical adventure.

Instead of a van, an open Zodiac boat transported us across the harbor to a small bay. Since the water was somewhat rough, the Zodiac could not dock. Mid-bay we transferred to a small boat (that transfer was both exciting and a challenge). The small boat did not dock either but ran up near the shore where we climbed out and waded to the beach (repeat: exciting and a challenge).

Instead of an air conditioned van, we were transported in the back of a military-style truck. The truck did have a canopy that, more or less, protected us from the sun. The truck’s amenities included a strong breeze generated by the truck’s velocity instead of air conditioning and cushioned benches to make the ride marginally smoother. To enter the back of the truck we had to climb a ladder (repeat: exciting and a challenge).

We did visit a number of interesting venues, some of which involved food. A few of the venues are pictured below.

The excursion leader understood that we had a problem with the boat transportation, so after visiting our planned venues, she took us back to the ship via the truck. Unfortunately, this involved driving through Puerto Vallarta which is a big city with rush hour traffic problems. I am happy to say that we made it back to the Crystal Serenity with a few minutes to spare before the ship left for the next port.

Botanical Garden



PuertoVallarta Can you see the owl?
PuertoVallarta Our excursion leader, a charming Dutch girl, explained the meaning of the petroglyph.

Small Church


Tequila Factory

PuertoVallarta They say aged tequila tastes better. Tequila is aged in oak barrels.
PuertoVallarta Tequila is fermented blue agave. This is a picture of agave plants whose leaves have been removed and are ready to be processed into tequila.