Over the last several months, I have taken a number of photos that have not appeared on this website. For the most part, this is a good thing since the most of the unpublished photos have little merit. However, the few images below are interesting, they just do not “fit” on the other pages.


miscellaneous 8/23/2009. I was taking pictures of a bee that was gathering pollen on a thistle flower. Click. Click. Click. She suddenly flew up and then back down again; and I luckly caught the image of her as she was about to land.
miscellaneous 9/7/2009. Bruce and his family joined us for a walk around Fullersburg. I took my camera along largely to document this family event. Then I spied an unusual fungus, a mushroom hanging from a tree suspended over the Salt Creek. Spouse and in-laws forgotten, I took pictures of the upside-down mushroom.
miscellaneous 9/10/2009. Carl gave me a beautiful basket of flowers for my birthday. In addition to enjoying the flowers, this gift gave me a photographic opportunity.
miscellaneous 1/28/2010. This is an extreme close-up of an orchid residing in my living room.
miscellaneous 3/13/2010. This school of trout gave their lives for a good cause. Cassie cooked them, and they were delicious!
miscellaneous 4/1/2010. Kestrels are the smallest members of the falcon family of birds. Common to northeastern Illinois, they are the only raptors that hover. This kestrel has a damaged wing – she is a permanent resident at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.