DUCKS, a tourist attraction in the Dells, Wisconsin

October 13, 2013

If you go to the Wisconsin Dells as a tourist, you should take a ride on a DUCK. DUCKs are amphibious vehicles developed during WWII for the transport of personnel and supplies. Originally called DUKW the name morphed to DUCK for obvious reasons. There are two DUCK rides in the Dells; we took the “Original DUCK” ride which took us down the Wisconsin river, across Lake Delevan, and over some hilly terrain.

DUCKS Sandstone rocks along the Wisconsin River
DUCKS More sandstone rocks
DUCKS People fishing (they provided a foreground.)
DUCKS On the last leg of our DUCK trip we saw a number of deer. I took several pictures, none very good. This image of a buck and a doe is the best of those images.
DUCKS Wisconsin River
DUCKS This is one of the DUCKs