Morton Arboretum

The Chicago Blues Concert Venue

June 23, 2007

BYOC (bring your own chair)

Each year Morton Arboretum sponsors several Twilight Concerts. This year they included in their schedule a “Chicago Blues” concert with two acts, Lonnie Brooks and Koko Taylor. Koko Taylor! I had to go. Once Cassie and Russ heard they had to go too. So the five of us – Roxanne too – got tickets and went to the concert.

Terri Hemmert, a long-time DJ from WXRT, introduced the acts. She started out with the statement, "This is great. You guys look just like Woodstock. Except you have your clothes on." The depressing truth was most of the audience was old enough to know what she meant. Old or not, we had a good time.

chairs We placed our chairs near the stage.
stage This was our view of the stage - the Lonnie Brook Band was warming up.
grounds This was the view from the back of the grounds.