Morton Arboretum - Photo Impressionism

February 2012

These images are some of the results of a class called “Photo Impressionism in Nature”.

Impressionism Is this a picture of water? Trees? The clouds in the sky?
Impressionism Here bubbles interrupt the reflection.
Impressionism Spillway at Lake Marmo: An issue in photography is the presentation of motion. Moving water is usually photographed using a long exposure. The long exposure causes the water to appear silky.
Impressionism A dreamy looking forest

Spruce Plot

My understanding is the Spruce Plot contains Sitka Spruce trees, the only Sitka Spruces growing outside of Alaska. This forest is a bit unnatural looking since the trees were planted in rows and are all about the same age.

Impressionism Spruce Forest. Several times, prior to this class I attempted to photograph the Spruce forest on the east side of the arboretum. I always got trees instead – I could not photograph the forest for the trees. This image, on the other hand, captures the feeling of the forest.
Impressionism Spruce trees