Paradise Island in the Bahamas

February 1982

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On a cold winter day, Bill announced to me that he had an out-of-town job assignment - he was going to be the keynote speaker at the first “Caribbean Computer Conference.” I did not have any pressing deadlines at work, so I said, “Ok, we will go too.”  I got Carl’s school assignments for the week. We three packed and left the cold weather behind.

bridge Nassau is in the background.
hotel We stayed at this resort hotel.

Bill did have a free day to sightsee. On the other days, Bill got dressed in a dark suit, white shirt, tie, and wingtip shoes, while Carl and I donned our shorts and tee shirts. Bill went to the conference hall. Carl and I went sailing, went on a submarine excursion, or hung out at the pool. When we met Bill at the end of the afternoon, I would whine to him, “I have been with Carl all day. You entertain him.” Thus, Bill and Carl played some serious shuffleboard in the late afternoons. I still remember the trip as a great vacation; Bill still remembers the trip as an interesting work assignment.