A Cruise on the Mississippi River

March 2015

The Mississippi River is the fourth longest river in the world and the longest in North America. Along with its tributaries, the St Laurence Seaway, and the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River provides transportation for much Midwest commerce – much more than rail, roads, and airlines. This river commerce, along with its historic implications, makes this river extremely interesting.

The Mississippi is a slow moving river; hence the name, “Big Muddy”. The lower Mississippi basin is quite flat. There are no locks or dams on the lower Mississippi River. The river is lined with levees to prevent flooding of near-by towns and farmlands.

We took a week-long tour on the lower Mississippi from New Orleans to Vicksburg and back again. While geographic scenery was of limited interest, the river commerce and historic sites made for an interesting trip.

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boat Our transportation was on the Queen of the Mississippi, a 150 passenger paddlewheel riverboat. Notice the gangeway at the bow of the boat. At most stops this is how we exited and entered the boat.
Oaks Live Oaks at the Rosedown Plantation - the term Live Oak refers to evergreen oaks, in this case, Virginia Live Oaks. These oak trees live for about 500 years.