A Hike in the Mountains

Colorado - early September 1975

One day early in the 1970s, one of Bill’s aunts asked me if Bill and I went camping. Apparently, the regulator between my brain and my mouth was asleep, because I answered, “No, I intend to do that with my next husband.” Shortly thereafter I found myself on a series of backpacking trips – yes, camping – with Bill. The last of these trips was a three-day hike through the White Mountains between Aspen and Snowmass in Colorado that included traversing a mountain pass high above the tree line on the second day.

While we tried to travel light, Bill did take along his camera and took many pictures. Unfortunately, the resulting slides have not survived time very well. Below are a few of the best pictures. These pictures depict the first day and a half of our three-day hike, ending at a mountain pass. The other side of the pass was heavily forested and not as photogenic. The few pictures from that side of the mountain range are less interesting and not included on this page.

Sue - 7/1/2008

The camp site

hike Maroon Bells
hike The hike up from the trail head.
hike Taking a break
hike Our campsite the first night.

The hike up to the Pass

hike We were near the pass here. Notice our path in the lower middle of this picture.
hike View from the pass