Just the Facts

Subject: Geography - Latitude

From a document prepared by Bill (the spousal unit)

So, which cities are the farthest north? It sure was fun looking at the globe and guessing.

But here are the facts: Using the latitude of each selected city, assume they are on the same longitude line. How far north of each other are they, and which is further north?

City Latitude in degrees
New York 40.77
Chicago 41.87
Rome 41.88
Minneapolis 44.96
International Falls 48.58
Paris 48.82
Frankfort 50.10
London 51.49
Artic Circle 66.51

Latitude is, of course, an angular (degree) measurement, and varies in length on the surface of the earth depending on your latitude. At the equator, one degree of latitude is about 111.3195 miles, and at the pole it is 110.9462 miles. Taking the average (45 degrees is the average) the distance is about 111.1329 per degree. Applying that to the cities, we come up with…

City Miles North of New York
New York 0
Chicago 122
Rome 123
Minneapolis 466
International Falls 868
Paris 895
Frankfort 1037
London 1191
Artic Circle 2861