Waikiki - Early Morning Images

March 1, 2011

Waikiki With a 4 hour time difference, we were ready for breakfast before dawn.
Waikiki Sunrise over the much storied Diamond Head
Waikiki Foreground: Two people on paddle boards; Background: the USS Boxer heading for port in Pearl Harbor.

The Fisherman and the Eel

The fisherman yelled, “I have an eel on my line.”

His companion advised, “Chop its head off.”

Once the fisherman reeled in the eel, I said, “Stop. I’d like to take its picture.”

The fisherman said, “I am going to chop its head off.”

I said, “This will only take a minute.” I took the picture and said “thank you.” I then turned away in time to see two approaching tourists turn pale. My comment to the closer of the two, “I couldn’t look.” The tourist nodded.

Waikiki Reeling in his catch
Waikiki Unfortunate eel