International Crane Foundation - Head Shots

July 26, 2011

With the possible exception of Sandhill Cranes, cranes are a family of highly endangered birds, mainly due to habitat loss. The International Crane Foundation (IFC), located near Baraboo, WI is dedicated to preserving this wonderful family of large birds. I took the following pictures at the IFC facility. The images are limited to head shots because that was the only way I could minimize the birdsí enclosures in the images.

ICF Red Crowned Crane - a native of eastern Asia
ICF Brolga - native of Australia - the white area on the side of his head is his ear.
ICF Siberian Crane - the most endangered crane species
ICF Saurus Crane - native of India - the world's tallest flying bird.

Grey Crowned Crane - native of southern Africa

This (relatively) little crane imprinted on humans. That is, the first moving object that she saw after hatching was a human. As a result, she is very people oriented. She socialized with us for quite a while, giving me a chance to take several close-up pictures.

How about those head feathers!!!