St. James Farm - a Horse Farm without Horses

A Club Photo Shoot - June 24, 2013

For much of the 20th century, wealthy and the hyper-rich families maintained country homes and farms west of Chicago. While some of these estates are now shopping centers and subdivisions, others are preserves, parks, and museums.

One such farm is the St. James Farm, a country farm owned by the McCormack family. The McCormack family used the farm to accommodate their interest in horses. The forest preserve district took possession of the farm in 2007. There no longer are horses at the farm, but the stables, pastures, and trails are still well maintained.

farm This mural was on the stable.
farm Horse Stable
farm Corn Crib
farm View from inside the stable
farm The weather vane showes the wind direction.
farm Stable, no horses.
farm Horse statue
farm Photo by Gail Chastain, used with her permission. Bill is my sherpa for many of my photo excursions. He carries stuff and shelters my camera and me from the elements. He also offers advice.

Horse Carriage Artifacts

farm Carriage Lamp
farm Carriage steering mechanism