Birds at Lincoln Marsh in Wheaton, IL - the Prequel

September 19, 2013

It was a gloomy, drippy day. I had no plans for the day. The spouse, on the other hand, was working on a project and did not want to be interrupted. Additionally, I was fretting about an upcoming club photo shot at an unfamiliar location. So I drove to the photo shot location, Lincoln Marsh in Wheaton, IL. Although, it was still drizzling when I got to the marsh parking lot, I decided to walk around with my camera. The rain eventually stopped. Even though the lighting was flat I took some photos.

birds Birdscape
bird Great White Egret
bird Egret with fish. He did not want to share.
bird Same egret, same fish.
 shorebird Unidentified shore bird, perhaps a Sandpiper or Yellow Leg. These birds blended in with the mud flats so well that none of my images of them turned out except this one with the bird in front of a dark tree stump.
muskrat Muskrat