Ice Formations on Salt Creek

Graue Mill in Hinsdale, Illinois

A Club Photo Shoot - February 7, 2014

Some years ago I vowed to not do any more outdoor winter photography. Like plans to diet, I have had a difficult time sticking to that vow. When I signed up for this photo outing, I did expect that our harsh winter would moderate by the planned date. Instead we got single digit temperatures and a brisk breeze. However, the biggest challenge was the very bright sunlight that glared off the ice and snow and left intense blue shadows.

Gruae Mill is an old, operating grist mill, powered by the Salt Creek. A low head dam blocks the flow of water which is funneled through a mill stream to move the water wheel. The water wheel provides the mill with its power. Excess creek water flows over the dam.

Gruae Mill Graue Mill
Graue Mill The mill's water wheel was stopped for the winter.
ice Ice partially obstructed the water flowing over the dam.
ice Some of the braver photographers went out onto the frozen creek for different photographic perspectives.
ice I took pictures of the ice formations from the safety of the shore, using a telephoto lens.