Origami in the Garden at the Morton Arboretum

May 21, 2017

Morton Arboretum’s outdoor art exhibit this year (2017) is “Origami in the Garden”, consisting of large-scale metal sculptures based on the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Below are images of several of the sculptures. If you enjoy these, you can visit the arb to see more. You can visit Origami in the Garden Friday, May 19, through Sunday, October 22, 2017.

origami Basket of Stars at the Visitor Center
origami Paper Navigator - This metal boat floats on Meadow Lake, turning with the wind.
origami Master Peace - 500 Cranes soar for peace while another 500 (more or less) are reflected in the sculpture's base.
origami Several individual cranes on the Master Peace Sculpture
origami Bill planning to take a picture with his cell phone
origami Bill took my picture! Origami chairs are behind me.
origami Squirrel with acorn
origami Star Unfolding
origami Rising Cranes