Prairie Flowers with Bugs - Hidden Lake

August 6, 2017

Prairie Plants Queen Ann's Lace seemed to be the dominate plant.

Some consider the Queen Ann’s Lace to be an invasive weed. Queen Ann's Lace is also known as wild carrot. Here, in Northeast Illinois, Queen Ann’s Lace plants are abundant in parkways that have been mowed but not otherwise managed. While the roots of Queen Ann’s Lace are edible, Queen Ann’s Lace plants are easily confused with the highly toxic Hemlock and with the toxic Wild Parsnip which should not be eaten.

Prairie Plants The bee seemed to like the Queen Ann's Lace.
Prairie Plants Queen Ann's Lace with a butterfly - probably a Cabbage White butterfly
Prairie Plants This Queen Ann's Lace was about to bloom.
Prairie Plants A Monarda flower, a.k.a. Bee Balm, was raggedy, but the bee liked it.
Prairie Plants A pretty unknown flower with a bug.
Prairie Plants Another view of the unknown flower
Prairie Plants