Search for Spring

April 2017

Spring shows itself slowly here in Northeastern Illinois. The progression is rewarding for those of us who can wait.

April 9 - Herrick Lake

spring Boats waiting for customers
spring Fishing license verification - a sign of Spring
spring The trees remained leafless
spring Even the goose was not quite ready for Spring

April 11 - at home, a few days later

spring Suddenly our Box Elder tree flowered, producing pollen that made my husband sneeze. (I love these little flowers, but they are difficult to photograph; the slightest breeze causes them to dance around.)

April 18 - a week later

Generally, the trees still were still leafless, but many trees were in flower. Also Daffodils were in bloom.

spring Daffodils
spring Daffodil
spring Cherry Blossoms
spring Redbud Tree