Summer's End

September 2017

Depending on your preferred definition, summer ends on the 31st of August (meteorological), on the fall equinox (astronomical), or on Labor Day in the USA (the rest of us). The fall equinox occurs on September 21, give or take a few days. This year (2017), we experienced a very dry September with some record breaking heat.

The End Some trees were beginning to change color.
The End I found this shell on a bridge over the DuPage River.
The End Young Mallard
The End
The End Asters bloom near the end of the summer.
The End Dragonfly - This is a Widow Skimmer - probably male.
The End This Maple leaf was turning yellow by losing its chlorophyll.
The End A different Maple tree - this time a Freeman Maple. Freeman Maple leaves may turn either yellow or red or both.
The End Freeman Maple leaves.