Blackwell Forest Preserve

May 2019

Blackwell is a large, recreational forest preserve. Recreational activities include camping, hiking, fishing, and boating.

At approximately 837 feet above sea level, Mount Hoy is said to be the tallest point in DuPage County, Illinois. DuPage County is quite flat so Mount Hoy does not have much height competition. Several years ago, I hiked to the top of Mount Hoy. More challenging than I would have expected. There was not much to see from the top – a few water towers and church steeples in the distance.

Blackwell Flowers decorated the base of Mount Hoy
Blackwell Fishing pier
Blackwell Reflection of the fishing pier underside - the water was like a mirror
Blackwell Another reflection - with threating clouds in the distance

Then it started to rain. We went home.

The next day

Blackwell Silver Lake boat ramps
Blackwell Fish in a basket. This will be someone's meal.