Milwaukee Air Show

August 11, 2012

air show Biplane
air show Missing Man Formation

Stall stunt

In a fixed wing aircraft, a stall is the situation where the aircraft no longer has lift. This usually happens when the aircraft nose is pointed too far up or too far down for the aircraft’s speed. Unless corrected, a stalling aircraft will fall to the ground.

air show No lift. He stalled the airplane and started to drop, tail first.
air show and continued to drop.
air show and still continued to drop.

Stall Stunt Again

air show He stalled the airplane and fell tail first.
air show Then he pulled out.

Wing to Wing

air show Also upside down
air show

air show Awww

Dual Stall Stunt

air show
air show This time nose first

air show Osprey - the angle of the propellers can change, making this aircraft a hybrid between a conventional airplane and a helicopter,
air show