New Orleans - December 2003

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Chateau Orleans

Ever since a business trip in 1988 to New Orleans, I had wanted to return there. Bill had never been there. We decided to stay in a condominium right in the French Quarter, the Chateau Orleans.

A sudden culture shock

It was a nice enough condominium, on the inside, for a one-week stay. The condominium had two rooms, a bedroom and a living room with a dining area and kitchenette. In fact, it was a very pretty place. However, it had one window and four doors to the outside. Heavy wooden shutters blocked each door and the window. Moreover, the four doors opened directly out onto the sidewalk. The street that ran past our four doors looked more like an alley than a real street.

Being a bit claustrophobic, I asked for a change; no luck. This was our space for our New Orleans week. We came to like it after a fashion.

Living room Two of our doors and the window
Condominium from the outside Our four doors from the outside
Street scene Our condominium is the blue-grey building.

The Chateau Orleans courtyard

even a swimming pool
As you can see, the Chateau Orleans did have a very nice courtyard. Most of the condominiums faced this courtyard.