The Footbridges of Central DuPage County in Illinois

Fall 2012

DuPage County in Illinois is generally quite flat. Therefore, it may come as a surprise that there are quite a number of footbridges throughout the county. These bridges typically span waterways, swamps, and sloughs, although one bridge that I did not photograph crosses a busy highway. (I could not find a good camera angle that was safe from vehicle traffic.) The following is not a comprehensive catalog of all the bridges in the area but does represent the types of bridges here.

Salt Creek

There are a number of footbridges in the Fullersburg Forest Preserve that span Salt Creek.

footbridge This bridge goes to a small island.
footbridge This bridge spans the entire width of Salt Creek.

Lake Herrick

The path around Lake Herrick includes three bridges.

footbridge This boardwalk spans a small creek and a swampy area.


footbridge Nicely decorated bridge

The Riverwalk in Naperville

There are four footbridges that cross the east branch of the DuPage River along the Riverwalk. Three of these footbridges are featured below.

footbridge This is the upstream bridge.
footbridge This covered bridge provides a pedestrian link between two commercial areas of Naperville.
footbridge The middle bridge is also a covered bridge.
footbridge Bill and I got into a discussion about how I have computer software that will allow me to merge several photo images into one panoramic image. I had to show him that I could do it. So here is the middle bridge again; this time a panoramic merge of three photo images.

After I described this photo project to a fellow photo club member, she said, “Then you have to take some pictures of the Illinois Prairie Path bridges.” As you can see the Illinois Prairie Path bridges were not in the above photo essay. It does sound like a good idea. Maybe next spring.