Starved Rock State Park

May 15, 2011

Starved Rock State Park is located on the south bank of the Illinois River. Much of the park consists of sandstone bluffs of considerable height. Water erosion has carved the 18 canyons located within the park.

Aurora Canyon and Sac Canyon are located west of the park’s lodge. The hike is relatively short in horizontal distance, but includes a number of stairways, making the hike somewhat demanding.

Aurora Canyon

Starved Rock
Starved Rock Waterfall
Starved Rock We were on the lip of a steep cliff, looking down.

Sac Canyon

Starved Rock
Starved Rock Another waterfall
Starved Rock The path was really a series of stairs.
Starved Rock Cliff face

Back to the Lodge

Starved Rock The Mayapple is a short umbrella shaped plant, common in Midwest woodlands. Early in May, this plant produces a flower that is hidden beneath the leaves. To see it, you have to get personal with the plant.
Starved Rock