Drewry Farm Maple Products - Open House

March 22, 2014

Maple syrup is distilled maple tree sap. That is, maple syrup is a concentrate of the sugars in tree sap. You knew that, right?

My daughter’s in-laws have a farm near Plymouth, WI. The farm property includes a glacial hill covered with maple trees. Each spring, the family taps the maple trees and produces maple syrup from the tree sap.

This year we attended the Drewry Farm Maple Products Open House. The following images include pictures of the maple syrup production and of a few of the open house events.

Drewry Farm The finished product
Drewry Farm David Drewry and his son-in-law, Jon

The Sugar House

In the sugar house, water is boiled out of the tree sap.

Drewry Farm
Drewry Farm
Drewry Farm
Drewry Farm
Drewry Farm This tank truck carries the tree sap down the hill to the sugar house.

The Ride Up the Hill to the Maple Trees

Drewry Farm We rode in a tractor-pulled wagon. It was rustic and fun.
Drewry Farm
Drewry Farm Russ explained the tapping process
Drewry Farm The blue tubes pipe the sap from the trees.