Horicon Marsh State Wildlife Area


In the center of Wisconsin, lies the Horicon Marsh. The marsh occupies what was once a glacial lake. European settlers tried to farm the area and manage the wetlands. This did not work well. So now the marsh is owned jointly by the state of Wisconsin and the federal government. The south section of the marsh is owned by the state of Wisconsin. The north section is owned by the federal government. Although remnants of the farming activity remain in the form of squared off ponds and earthen dams, the birds don’t mind, making this marsh a designated “important bird area”.

Palmatory Point - May 16, 2014

Horicon Reflected weed
Horicon Sunset

Old Marsh Road - May 17, 2014

Horicon Lesser Scaup
Horicon Redwing Blackbirds were common throughout the marsh
Horicon Coots were also common.
Horicon Water lily pads on the Rock River
Horicon Sandhill Crane
Horicon Northern Shoveler