Compare and Contrast

Cassie and Roxanne - School Age

These two pictures have some obvious similarities: both photographers belonged to the “in your face” school of photography; both children were about the same age at the time of each picture. The photographs do have differences - the picture of Cassie is brooding and deliberately posed with side lighting and deep shadows; the picture of Roxanne is candid and lit by a camera flash.


Cassie Cassie with Czar
Roxanne Roxanne

Bonus picture

“See; see,” Cassie said, “This is proof. Roxanne and I don’t look anything alike.” Like everyone else, Roxanne is a combination of her mother, her father, and the many ancestors that preceded them. You can judge for yourself. Below is an old 5th grade picture of Russ.

Russ Russ - 5th grade class picture