Fitzpatrick Farm - June 2004

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Cousin Patrick invited Bill and me to collect some wildflowers at the Fitzpatrick farm.  Since it had been several decades since I had last visited the farm, I was quite excited to see the place again.  The biggest difference was the land behind the barns was fallow and filled with wildflowers.   

barn The barn looking toward the road.
wildflowers Wildflowers in profusion.
View from hill The land behind the barns is on a hill - a tall hill by Northeastern Illinois standards.  We had quite a view up there.  

Side note:  This hill, apparently, is surface proof of the existence of the Sandwich Fault Zone.  While Northeastern Illinois has few earthquakes, the Sandwich Fault Zone and the nearby Aston Anticline are the source of the few noticeable quakes that we do have.  The September 1972 earthquake had its epicenter near here.