Morton Arboretum


June 23, 2007

This year's special attraction at the Morton Arboretum is a new sculpture by Patrick Dougherty, called Xanadu. This sculpture is an edifice made of woven branches. Xanadu is a magical place with antechambers and an inner room topped off with an open dome.

I shot the four interior pictures with a flash. The camera thought that it was fairly dark inside the sculpture.

sculpture Xanadu is a large sculpture. Notice how much taller it is than Cassie and Roxanne.
inner room In the inner room, light came through the open dome and through openings in the branches.
window Roxanne looking through a window between one of the many antechambers and the inner room
window Another picture of Roxanne looking through a window between and antechamber and the inner room
passageway Cassie in one of the passageways
outside Outside again