The Segway Tour

February 2007

In addition to the wildlife refuge and a number of nature preserves, Sanibel Island has a low-key, interesting commercial strip with restaurants, shops, and other tourist services. Bill and I took advantage of one of these services a Segway tour. Segways are two wheeled motorized vehicles (personal transporters) that are not like much of anything else around. They are gaining some popularity in businesses where the staff must be mobile for large periods of their workday. For example, the Chicago police department uses them in some venues.


Riding a Segway balancing, steering, and controlling the speed is like nothing that I have ever done before. While riding a Segway is not intuitive, it is easy. Bill and I were able to control our Segways after less than 15 minutes of practice. Then, our tour leader took us on a tour of the Sanibel Island populated areas. We stopped a few times to observe interesting sights, including a family of Ospreys at their nest and a Bald Eagle on her nest.