Hawai'i 2006

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No umbrella drinks, no coconut palms, no lounging by the pool. We had a great time!

The Big Island

In March Bill and I spent a 10 day vacation in Hawai'i.  The first three days were on the "big island",  Hawai'i.  We stayed at the Volcano House located on the rim of the  Kilauea Caldera.  The Kilauea volcano is the world's most active volcano. 


We spent the remaining 7 days on the island of Kauai near the town of Hanalei.  While the most exciting part of the stay in Kauai was watching the humpbacked whales from the lanai of our condo, I was not able to take a decent picture.  You would think that a 40 foot long mammal would be fairly easy to photograph.  Oh well...   Here are some interesting photos from our stay in Kauai:  

Hawaiian Dancer

You were expecting a picture of a lithe young lady in a grass skirt? Nope. Not on my Web pages. And yes I did take most of these pictures.