Honolulu - March 19, 2013

My challenge, in putting together these web pages describing our trip to Hawai段, was to avoid duplicating the pages and images from our 2011 trip. You see, our 2013 itinerary was essentially the same as our 2011 itinerary. First, we spent a few days in Waikiki on the island of O誕hu. Then, we spent a week on the island of Kaua段. We even stayed in the same places. The images on these pages, as well as the narratives, are different from the 2011 pages. The 2011 pages are available for your review. You can form your own opinion on the degree of my success. The link to the 2011 trip to Hawai段 is at the bottom of the last of these pages.


Waikiki is the tourist area of Honolulu, the capital of Hawai段.

Waikiki Bill had an al fresco breakfast at the hotel.
Waikiki Almost everyone had breakfast inside. It was cool out.

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Waikiki Diamondhead If you are in Waikiki, you must photograph Diamondhead. So here it is.
Waikiki Diamondhead lighthouse at dusk.