Critters at a village park


Mallard family

It appears that these are three juveniles and an adult female.


Coneflower with Bee

Coneflowers, native North American flowers, are fun to photograph. They present interesting colors and textures. Additionally they attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators. The butterflies did not cooperate for pictures, but a honey bee was was more interested in the flower than my camera.

Every summer and early fall, I try to take pictures of bees. While I have take many pictures of bees that had to be discarded, occasionally I get some pictures that work.


Other critters

park Man playing a Dulcimer
park Cormorant - drying his wings - Cormorants swim under water to catch fish. They are hard to photograph while fishing. Then they dry off and digest, becoming a photo op.
park Canada Goose - one of many