Black Partridge Forest Preserve - revisited

April 21, 2012

April Flowers

The photo club returned to the Black Partridge Forest Preserve three weeks after the first trip. Even more wild flowers were blooming. This trip I took close-up pictures of the flora.

BlackPartridge Phlox carpeted the hills, turning the hills blue. Amazing!
BlackPartridge Many Mayapples were in full bloom.
BlackPartridge Mayapple flower
BlackPartridge Red Trillium were beginning to bloom. These flowers were scattered about the forest floor and, due to their red color, easy to find.
BlackPartridge Red Trillium
BlackPartridge Wild Geranium are less common. It is a treat to find one and photograph it.
BlackPartridge Buds - possibly Wild Geraniums
BlackPartridge Tree Fungus
BlackPartridge If it had not been pointed out to me, I would have missed this Jack-in-the Pulpit. This sort of support is a reason to go on a photo shoot with a club.
BlackPartridge Some Goldenrods were beginning to bud.
BlackPartridge Dandelion seeds