Vizcaya in Miami, Florida

December 2012

Vizcaya was the winter residence of early 20th century industrialist, James Deering. The home and its surrounding formal gardens combine Italian Renaissance design with South Florida materials. Not being a fan of formal gardens or Italian Renaissance design, I limited most of my photography to obtrusive elements.

The cement barge

This barge is stationary and made of cement and stone. It served James Deering as a party venue.

Vizcaya Now the barge is home to an iguana.

Other wildlife

Vizcaya Have you ever tried to photograph a gecko? They move very fast.
Vizcaya Raccoon


Vizcaya Wall Garden
Vizcaya The top of this plant is a pretty color; this is not a flower, just the top leaves.
Vizcaya Another wall garden

The grounds

Vizcaya A view of the barge from a gazebo
Vizcaya There were many statues.
Vizcaya Muscovy Duck.
Vizcaya This image looks much like the prints of some water color paintings in the gift shop. I took the picture before I visited the gift shop.