Roxanne's Chickens

At Onion River Farm - 2006

I got a Christmas letter from Roxanne’s other grandmother that read in part:

…Roxanne (who knows how to twist Grandpa around her little finger) announced, “This farm should really have chickens.” “Sure, sure. That’s a good idea, Rox,” says Grandpa, figuring she’ll forget about it. Next visit it was “Grandpa, if this farm had chickens, you could have free eggs for breakfast every day.” Well, Grandpa’s been hooked by the smiling, eager face.

Off to Fleet Farm goes Grandpa who orders 25 Rhode Island Red chicks, which come through the mail two weeks later. A temporary chicken coop (actually a large tank) goes into the old milking parlor, with heat lamps and protective screening. Grandpa begs a couple of waterers and feeder from brother Bing and the chicks have a new home after getting a drink of water. Roxy comes up from Milwaukee that day (Spring break from school) and counts 31 chicks that all need petting. So she crawls into the tank and sits in the straw surrounded by the chicks.

Each time Russ came up to the farm Roxy would hear cackling and race down to “her chicks”. It wasn’t long before the soft down turned to feathers and the chicks went to a larger coop with green grass to scratch in. These were not all hens, of course, and roosters started feeling their manhood. One charged Roxy, but with the help of Grandpa, she kicked it away.

When the first egg appeared on the floor we had to make nests for them where they could sit and lay their eggs. This was done to Roxy’s satisfaction and she and her little friend Hannah learned how to sneak their hands under the chickens and steal the warm eggs.

For the final part of the story, read Roxanne's account of collecting eggs.

April 2006 - New baby chicks

chicken coop
Baby chick

November 2006 - Little girls and chickens grow up


Chickens just grow up faster.

Egg search
Basket of eggs

The chickens are no match for Roxanne.

A story written by Roxanne:

Hens' Eggs

Saturday 14 October 2006

Roxanne and Hannah went this morning to get EGGS! When they got there, they looked in the little roosts for EGGS. Then Roxanne told Hannah that there was a hen in one of the coops so they kept looking. Soon Roxanne found three EGGS. Roxanne's grandpa said that they should look under the hen, so Roxanne reached under the hen and pulled out two EGGS. Then again and again and again and soon they had fifteen EGGS. Then Roxanne reached under one more time and felt an EGG and tried to pull it out, but it did not come. IT WAS COMING OUT OF THE HEN!!