Arizona - Sedona, Cottonwood, and Phoenix

November 2014

This was our third trip to Sedona. We returned to enjoy the scenery and to hike.

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Sedona Courthouse Butte


Q. How was the weather? Was it warm?

A. Sedona is located in the mountains and is cooler than Phoenix, but not as cool as northern Illinois was during the same time period. Phoenix was hot – by my standards. We had a bit of rain in the Sedona area for the first few days – not enough to alter our plans. The rain clouds did improve my photographs.


Q. What’s with the red rocks?

A. The red colored rocks are iron-impregnated sandstone. When exposed to air the iron oxidizes, that is, it rusts. Hence, the red color. Sandstone erodes relatively quickly. The lighter colored rocks are limestone. Limestone erodes less quickly. The grayish colored rocks at the top of the higher rock formations are basalt, a type of volcanic rock. Basalt erodes relatively slowly and protects the lower rock formations from eroding.


Q. How many photos did you take? How many photos are on these webpages?

A. I took 338 photos, deleting 22 in the camera before I moved the photos to my computer. Of the pictures that I kept, I used 54 on these webpages. Additionally, Bill contributed one cellphone image to these pages.


Sedona Sunset after the storm