Dad and Me

A long time ago.

While these pictures are a study of my father and me, they are also a tribute to the photographer, my mother. Dad took most of the pictures those days. However, clearly, my mother had a good eye for photography. When she took a picture, Mom zeroed in on the topic of the picture and excluded extraneous information. The only picture on this page that I cropped was the ice skating picture.  

My favorite picture, below, is the Sunday Morning Comics. This picture poetically captures a small segment of our life and my relationship with my dad.

Baby pictures

baby Dad looks a bit tentative.
faces Have you ever noticed how people make faces at infants?

My preschool years

gingerbread man Sunday Morning comics - the gingerbread man was a rare treat. I was 3 years old in this picture.

During an ice storm, Dad rolled our old car, totaling it. I was sleeping in the back seat. Fortunately, no one was injured. Since Dad needed a car to get to work, he bought the only available car on the dealer's lot, a relatively luxurious, new 1946 Chevy. It was our family car for many years.

car I was four years old in this picture. The car, a '46 Chevy, was burgandy.
ice skating Here I am with my first set of ice skates. I was five years old in this picture. Dad was a fairly good ice skater; I, on the other hand, never acquired any competency at ice skating.
car Undated