The Romanowski family


These are pictures of Frank, the seventh child in the Romanowski family. These images cover the first half of his life.

The real early years

Frank Toddler
A cousin found this article in an old copy of Princeton Bureau County Tribune from August 8, 1913.


Frank Romanowski is Saved From Watery Grave.

Frank Romanowski, the 5 year old son of Michael Romanowski of Peru, had a close call from drowning in the Illinois & Michigan canal Sunday evening. The little fellow ran away from his home and went to the water’s edge where he played for a short time.

Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Riedinger, the former pilot and engineer on the “Driftwood”, which is anchored in the basin, saw the little fellow and kept a watch on him. A short time after he appeared, the boy apparently was trying to drag something out of the water and a few minutes later Mrs. Riedinger missed him. Her husband secured field glasses and located the child struggling in the water.

Riedinger ran to the lock and, lowering himself into the water, pulled the little fellow to the surface. He then took the boy to the “Driftwood” and after a few minutes’ work restored him to consciousness.

The elder Romanowski is an employe (sic) of the Illinois Zinc company. As soon as he heard of the mishap, he hurried to the boat and assisted in resuscitating his son. As soon as the boy was sufficiently revived, the parent took him to the family home. --- La Salle Tribune.

Frank age 15

In his 20s

From 1929 until 1939, Frank served in the Merchant Marines as a radio operator. Most of his travels took him through Center America and South America.

Frank 1938 - Radio room of the s/s Osage
Frank 1939

And Later

Frank 1940s