The Romanowski family


These are pictures of John at various stages of his life. John was the sixth child in the Romanowski family and the first to be born in this country.

John Roman Undated
John Roman 1930 - more or less
John Roman 1930

John was a barber by profession. However, he had some training, and perhaps experience, as a Shakespearean actor. I believe acting was his first love.

John Roman Wedding: September 1941
John Roman Back in 1942 men usually did not do dishes. Margaret, however, was pregnant. Unfortunately, they lost the baby, Barbara, about a month after my dad took this picture.

The Missing Finger

The first time that I remember meeting Uncle John, I was a preschooler. What struck me immediately was that John was missing part of a finger. The dialog, as I remember it, went like this:

I retreated. The idea that a grown-up could actually cry was overwhelming and needed processing.

John Roman 1947 - John, Jim, and Margaret - photo taken in Maywood, IL.
Image provided by Jim R.
John Roman 1955 - John, Joe, Jim, and Margaret - photo taken in Maywood, IL.
John Roman 1955 - John with Joe and Jim
John Roman Undated