Maritime Provinces

Home Page for the tour photos - September 2006

The Downers Grove Good Samaritan Auxiliary sponsored a September tour of the Maritime Provinces of Canada - Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Bill and I happily joined the tour. While our tour was labeled the "Nova Scotia Fling", in fact we spent some time on all three Maritime Provinces

Map of Maritime Provinces This map shows where the Maritime Provinces are relative to the United States and the rest of Canada

Surprisingly, the Maritime Provinces are not all that far north - Halifax, Nova Scotia is at the same latitude as Green Bay, Wisconsin. Speaking of geography, the Maritime Provinces vary between quite hilly and mountainous. I was surprised to find that this area is a part of the Appalachian mountain chain.

The Atlantic defines the eastern border of Nova Scotia. The Gulf of St. Lawrence is north of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. The Bay of Fundy splits Nova Scotia from New Brunswick. The Northumberland Straits separates New Brunswick and Nova Scotia from Prince Edward Island. Got that? If not, look at the map again.

Scottie and the big blue bus Scottie, our intrepid bus driver, and the big blue bus that took us on our tour.

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