Dziekan cousins

This page mainly features Sharon and me. Sharon and I are about the same age, Sharon being 2+ months older than me. Also we are the two oldest of the Dziekan cousins. Several of the younger cousins occasionally joined us in a photograph. However, not everyone is represented.

Images from my parent's collection.

The early years

Dads Dads: Frank and Adam with me and Sharon
Grandma Grandma with her first two grandchildren
Sharon and me Sharon and me
With Puggy Sharon and me with grandpa's dog, Puggy

at the Fitzpatrick farm in 1957

girls Jane, Mary Ann, Sharon, and me
girls Sharon and me
backseat Sharon, Mary Ann, and me
horse Me on Mary Ann's horse

Later years - We grew up

Sharon and me Sharon and me and Aunt Nell's dog, Dudley
plus one Also with Robert

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