A New Generation of Dziekans

Lawrence, Stephanie, and the children

The Wedding

Lawrence and Stephanie married October 27, 1913.

Wedding picture The Stephanie and Lawrence wedding picture: The groomsman on the left is Louis, Lawrence's brother. The flower girl is Sophie, Stephanie's sister. The other people in this picture are unidentified.

The Children

Lawrence and Stephanie had four children: Ann, Adam, Irene, and Nell.

group Nell, Adam, Ann, and Irene in 1922
kids Ann and Adam in 1925 - Ann was 11 and Adam was 10.
kids Ann, Nell, and Adam in 1925 - Nell was 7.

Later Years

couple Stephanie and Lawrence in 1940. Stephanie was about 44 years old. Lawrence was about 50 years old.
couple Stephanie and Lawrence at their 50th anniversery in 1963.
Grandpa Souvenir image - grandpa loved it.
generations This is the first great grandchild, Cassie, with her grandmother and great grandparents. Picture from around 1965.