Puggy and His Humans

Group with Puggy Standing: Irene, Francis, and Nell. In front Adam with Puggy - 1934

Why devote web pages to a dog long gone? Puggy posed for pictures with people and somehow people posing with a dog look more relaxed and informal. Additionally, Puggy was a member of the family, so most family pictures included him.

Adam, Francis, and Puggy Adam and Francis - 1934
Ann with Puggy Ann - 1934
Irene with Puggy Irene - undated
Dog on railing Guard dog? 1935
A man's best friend Lawrence - 1939
A trick 1940
Frank and Puggy Frank - undated
Two girls and a dog Sharon and me with Puggy - undated
two dogs and a girl Puggy meets the new dog - 1947